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Friday Link Pack Issue 4

This week brings us an interesting look into the way Facebook does design critiques. Also, Vox has released an Accessibility checklist which is handily broken down into different roles, Netflix has a beautiful new website for their Flixtape playlist feature, and there's an awesome article about from Callum Hart on how using animation can improve the User Experience.
Issue 4

Friday Link Pack Issue 3

This week we look at how Apple is leading the way with Accessibility with two articles about the work they’re doing to make their products more accessible for everyone. Talking of Apple, they’ve recently uploaded all the session videos from this years WWDC, with a few really good design talks. Well worth checking out.

In other news, explore the do’s and don’t’s of form design, why buttons shouldn’t use hand cursors, and take a look at Pentagram's flat redesign for mastercard.
Issue 3


Friday Link Pack Issue 2

This week features Khoi Vin’s 2016 Design Tools Survey – a short, five-minute set of simple questions which helps us understand the big picture in the day-to-day tool choices that we make. It’s always good to see how other people in the industry are working, and the results will also be turned into a nice infographic (here’s last year’s results if anyone’s interested).

There’s also a podcast about intentionally unpleasant design from the folks at 99% Invisible, a look at how we can make our wireframes more useful, and a great article from Nick Babich about how motion can be used to improve UX.
Issue 2